#MakerMonday – The Outnumbered Crafter

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By Sarah Martinez

7th October 2019

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So hi! I’m Sarah and I live in Jersey. The proper one. Near France.

I started crafting 16 years ago at the lovely age of 18 when I worked for the NHS as a care assistant. I worked with a nurse who did the most amazing cross stitch ever and I wanted to learn.

So I cross stitched on and off for a few years, made some family presents. Then I had three kids and didn’t really have time.

Started Knitting

Crochet market bag: Down the crafting rabbit hole!

I started knitting 3 and a bit years ago after spraining my ankle and needing surgery. As someone who is always on the go I needed to do something before I went crazy. So I started knitting and discovered my love of hats.

A few years (and quite a lot of hats and cardigans later) my sister in law introduced me to crochet. Which I discovered I really quite like to make bags and blankets using crochet!

Learning something new

One of my first adventures in sewing!

From there I have also recently acquired a sewing machine so I am now starting to make my own clothes as well.

The name of my shop comes from the phrase ‘don’t have more children than you have hands for’. I have three ranging from 4-12 so I am totally outnumbered!

In the future I am hoping to become a better and more creative knitter, crocheter and way better sewer!

So that’s it from me. Thanks for reading

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