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Baby Clothes Bouquet Box

By ABC All Baby Creations


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Story & Product Description

Baby Clothes Bouquet Box contains a sleep suit, bodysuit, bibs, hat, socks, scratch mitts and also a wash cloth.Each piece is made individually then placed together to creat the bouquet. As such every bouquet would be different. Pictures will be sent for approval before posting out . All the items in this baby clothes bouquet box match and are 100% cotton. They are all good quality pieces. Various designs will be used but all the pieces will match to create a perfect outfit.The baby clothes bouquet box can be made to your specification so you choose what items you would like , what colour and what size. However you would need to email me your requirements.I can make them in pink, blue or a unisex colour of your choosing and in sizes. Each one is unique and therefore slightly different.Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-9 months. I have folded and wrapped the clothes in this  baby clothes bouquet box to look like a real flower bouquet. Secondly I  wrapped them  in tissue and also cellophane and made them look like a real bouquet then I have placed it  in a flower box. I have filled the  spaces  with foam roses in a  contrasting colour. The bouquet also contains a butterfly .Do you have a work colleague,sister or friend having a baby? This would be an ideal gift. The gift that keeps on giving. Safety warning This product contains sharp objects and small pieces and should not be left unattended with small children.

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