Handmade cube candle

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Handmade cube candle.

Each candle is hand poured in small batches @London using high-quality soy wax and luxury fragrance oils.

Scent: Baby Powder, Fresh, Ocean, Lavender, Vanilla, Floral, Jasmine, English peer & fressia, Gardenia, Lime basil & Mandarin

All candles are handmade and may contain minor errors. These errors create a personality of the final product. May have some frosting which is normal due to the naturality of soy wax.

Size 5.3cm x 5.3cm

Made for decorative purposes, if you do wish to burn:
Before burning:
Always trim the wick to 5mm.
Always use a heat resistant tray which is large enough to contain any drips or melted wax.

While burning:
Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Never burn a candle on or near anything that might catch fire.
Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.

Burn candles in a well-ventilated room:
Avoid drafts, vents or air currents. This will help prevent rapid or uneven burning, sooting, and excessive dripping.

In general, it is recommended that candles do not burn for longer than four hours and cool for at least two hours before relighting.

When Extinguishing a Candle:
Use a candle snuffer to extinguish a candle is recommended. It’s the safest way to prevent hot wax from splattering.

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Dimensions 5.3 × 5.3 × 5.3 cm


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