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Made By Mums Maker Since 17th February 2020

All items are handmade by Crochet. My grandmother taught me to Crochet from the age of 10, I am 55 now and have been doing this off and on since i was 10 year old. I started to really kick it up a notch when i became disabled and was medically retired from a job i loved at my local hospital. I am only able to certain things but Crochet is the one thing i am able to do all day, every day. I currently have 6 Grandchildren, 5 Grandsons and 1 Granddaughter and i have made things for them and loved making them. I think babies look so lovely in handmade items where a lot of love and thought has gone into every single stitch. I have been able to make a beautiful lockdown blanket for my mum that although felt like i was never going to finish i did, and she loves it. My youngest grandson Rory who will be 3 in September is always asking me for hats and gets so excited about them.

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