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Maker Stories – Nutty Knots

By Jane Fisher 17th February 2020

Hi, my name is Jane I'm the creator over at Nutty Knots I started Nutty Knots by beginning to learn the art of macramé as a hobby which just kept growing Making Macramé Magic Medium... more

Handmade Highlights – 16 February

By Joanna Coombs 16th February 2020

17 talented makers 17 delicious new handmade gift ideas This week's handmade highlights are just jam packed with glorious new hand crafted creations Let's tuck in! 🤩 With this wet and... more

Maker Stories – Mrs G Makes

By Amanda Greenhough 10th February 2020

Hello! I was delighted and honoured to be asked by Jo to participate in her #MakerStories posts But where to begin Always been 'a Maker' One day, whilst sat crocheting in my attic craft room,... more

Handmade Highlights – 9 February

By Joanna Coombs 9th February 2020

We hope you've been coping with the high winds over the weekend We have to admit we've been blown away - with the amazing creations of 22 wonderful makers who've added to their shops this week!... more

Maker Stories – Handmade By Helen

By Helen Newton 3rd February 2020

I’m Helen from Handmade by Helen, a ‘meet the maker’ is a bit of a challenge for me I never feel like I should explain myself to anyone as they might not agree with my choices but here they... more

Handmade Highlights – 2 February

By Joanna Coombs 2nd February 2020

This week, 22 of our fabulous makers have added items to their shops Let’s have a look at the 22 examples of beautiful hand-crafted items that we’ve chosen to feature tonight Welcome our... more

Handmade Highlights – 26 January

By Joanna Coombs 26th January 2020

This week's handmade highlights from 18 makers! This week we have had 18 fabulous makers adding to their shops That means 18 examples of beautifully crafted items Welcome our weekly roundup of... more

Handmade Highlights – 19 January

By Joanna Coombs 19th January 2020

16 brilliant makers 16 glorious handmade items Welcome our weekly roundup of all things new and sparkly on #MadeByMums! 🤩 Macrame seems to be all the rage at the moment doesn't it Looking... more

Handmade Highlights – 12 January

By Joanna Coombs 12th January 2020

Welcome to our latest handmade highlights - and with new arrivals from 14 different makers, it’s our biggest round up… ever! This week we have a truly stunning collection of wonderful... more