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Handmade Highlights – 24 January

By Joanna Coombs 24th January 2021

Welcome to our latest #handmadehighlights, our pick of all things new on #MadeByMums over the last week As usual, we've seen some tremendous new additions In fact, we're sure there's something to... more

Handmade Highlights – 17 January

By Joanna Coombs 17th January 2021

Good evening We’ve been enjoying the pictures of snow from across the country this week whilst sighing about the rain and drizzle that we’ve had down here We’ve been checking the weather... more

Handmade Highlights – 10 January

By Joanna Coombs 10th January 2021

Welcome to another bumper #HandmadeHighlights bustling with gorgeous handmade creations uploaded this week by our amazing makers We've been utterly blown away by the new items added this week,... more

Handmade Highlights – 3 January

By Joanna Coombs 3rd January 2021

Good evening everyone, we hope that you've had a safe and serene start to the New Year https://youtube/_ZaGUk3tnHE 2021 has begun with a bang on Made By Mums, and a cracking collection of... more

Handmade Highlights – 27 December

By Joanna Coombs 27th December 2020

Ever forget which day of the week it is during these heady days between Christmas and New Year Well, this week's #WeekendWrapUp is here to remind you today is in fact… Sunday!... more

Handmade Highlights – 20 December

By Joanna Coombs 20th December 2020

Hello to the final #WeekendWrapUp before Christmas! After the breakneck Christmas rush, this week's wrap up is a considerably more serene affair, as busy makers finish orders and get them posted... more

Handmade Highlights – 13 December

By Joanna Coombs 13th December 2020

Welcome to this week's #HandmadeHighlights, our round up of all things new on #MadeByMums this week! 😍 With less than two weeks until Christmas, I can’t resist showing you a few makes that... more

Handmade Highlights – 6 December

By Joanna Coombs 6th December 2020

Ok hands up, who had thunder snow down on the ‘Unlikely events in 2020’ bingo card for the first week of December This year just keeps on throwing us surprises, doesn’t... more

Handmade Highlights – 29 November

By Joanna Coombs 29th November 2020

Welcome to our latest #WeekendWrapUp! And hasn’t the weather taken a turn for the colder this week Brr! https://youtube/phTed2AD738 To warm us all up, I thought I'd start off this week... more