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Handmade Highlights – 29 November

By Joanna Coombs 29th November 2020

Welcome to our latest #WeekendWrapUp! And hasn’t the weather taken a turn for the colder this week Brr! https://youtube/phTed2AD738 To warm us all up, I thought I'd start off this week... more

Handmade Highlights – 22 November

By Joanna Coombs 22nd November 2020

Goodness me, what an utterly stunning collection of new additions we have for you this week! We're constantly in awe of the amazing talent on display from our makers, and this week's highlights... more

Handmade Highlights – 15 November

By Joanna Coombs 15th November 2020

This week feels like one to treat ourselves in, doesn't it The gorgeous new collection of items we have for you this week are as warm and sparkly as the weather is lousy... more

Handmade Highlights – 8 November

By Joanna Coombs 8th November 2020

Welcome to our latest #HandmadeHighlights, our pick of all things new and shiny this week on #MadeByMums 🤩 https://youtube/Oo33tClYNR4 It's another week of fabulous new additions - so... more

Handmade Highlights – 1 November

By Joanna Coombs 1st November 2020

Welcome to our latest handmade highlights, and as the week has been another cold and blustery one, this set of fabulous new gift ideas is as warm and vibrant as the present the autumn... more

Handmade Highlights – 25 October

By Joanna Coombs 25th October 2020

It's #handmadehighlights time! We have 9 gorgeous new handmade creations to share from the recent items added to #MadeByMums, so let's get started Halloween is creeping up on us fast - this... more

Handmade Highlights – 18 October

By Joanna Coombs 18th October 2020

Welcome to out latest #handmadehighlights, and with a record 27 different makers adding to their shops, there's literally enough handmade goodness to have shown you 3 Wrap Ups this... more

Handmade Highlights – 11 October

By Joanna Coombs 11th October 2020

Welcome to our #HandmadeHighlights for the last 7 days on Made By Mums! https://youtube/3CwWaV4uuBo We've got 9 wonderful new handmade creations from our talented mama makers to share with... more

Handmade Highlights – 4 October

By Joanna Coombs 4th October 2020

Welcome to a very wind-swept #WeekendWrapUp - our pick of all the gorgeous new handmade gift ideas available to buy on #MadeByMums from the past 7 days 🤩 https://youtube/nGWcWPBsW7k Well,... more

Handmade Highlights – 27 September

By Joanna Coombs 27th September 2020

https://youtube/RdWqOo9MB_Y Welcome to another wonderful Wrap Up - and it's a typically glorious exhibition of our maker's talents, featuring a glittering new set of creations! We're sure... more