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A UK Alternative to Etsy

So, Etsy for mums?

Ok, that seems apt, but dig deeper and you'll find so much more than just an alternative to Etsy for mums!

We are a proudly inclusive community. We connect a glittering ensemble of wonderfully creative mums, parents and carers with those who adore shopping for unique handmade items.

Made By Mums vs. Etsy: How we compare

Even if you already have an Etsy shop set up, you can create a Made By Mums shop too without it impacting your costs in any way.

We are a great value alternative to Etsy - here's how we stack up!

Made By Mums
Listing fee
£0.16/listing per 4 months
Payment processing fee
25p + 3-4%
Only pay when you make a sale
Transparent & simple fee structure?
Run by a fellow small business
Actively promoted on social media
If you're very lucky
Oh yes, always!
Approximate cost of a sale**

*Included as part of the flat 7.5% + 35p sale fee • **Estimate based on a $40 (c. £35) sale Sign up free today

Why Made By Mums

For mums and carers, we are a compelling alternative to Etsy for selling handmade items, offering a low cost selling platform and a friendly, supportive selling community our makers love.

  • Great value: Set up your shop in under 5 minutes, for FREE!
  • Super low fees: No hidden costs, just 7.5% (+ 35p) on the sale amount
  • No risk: With no subscription charges, you only pay when you make a sale
  • Easy to use: Simple, easy to use interface right from your phone/laptop
  • Supportive: Get help fast, directly from Jo and Robert (pickles permitting!)
  • Get promoted: We love supporting! Be in our regular social updates (free!)
  • Your passion: Sell a huge range of items, whatever your speciality

Made By Mums co-founders Jo and Robert

Who are Made By Mums?

We are a UK Etsy alternative, set up to help mums and carers sell their handmade creations - and keep more of their proceeds while doing so. We were formed after co-founder Jo was looking for a low cost, easy to use selling platform while pregnant, and nothing seemed to suit.

Today, our makers love being part of our burgeoning maker community!

What our sellers say

Of course, everything we do is built with busy mums in mind. That means super low costs (free sign up and what might be the lowest cost option anywhere around for a full featured selling platform), and a website that focusses on being super easy to use.

After all, you crafted it, you earned it, and it should be yours!

You can have a shop set up in under 5 minutes, and adding new product listings is simple, fast and intuitive (we get fantastic feedback from busy mamas who love us for this!)

More About Made By Mums

Is Made By Mums right for you?

Our mission is to help crafty mothers and carers to support their young families by selling the creations they make online. Of course, we’d love to welcome you aboard!

At the same time, we recognise there are many Etsy alternatives for sellers. Yet, while this brings plenty of potential opportunities to boost the presence of your small business, it can be difficult to make the right choice. We examined the options you have in the blog article below.

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For buyers of handmade

Whether you're looking to spruce up your home decor with a beautiful unique wallhanging, searching for a touching treasure to treat a cherished one, or you want to go the extra mile with this year's Christmas shopping, you're sure to find what you are looking for on Made By Mums!

With over 3,000 products currently available from over 250 independent small businesses, we offer a huge variety of amazing handmade creations, for everyone 😊