Avid crocheter Mrs G's crafting story took an unexpected turn when she shared her handmade stitch markers on social media. Discover how she built a cult following around her fabulous creations, and turned her passion into a thriving small business in the process!

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By Amanda Greenhough

10th February 2020

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Hello! I was delighted and honoured to be asked by Jo to participate in her #MakerStories posts. But where to begin?

Photo of Mrs G crafting
Always been ‘a Maker’

One day, whilst sat crocheting in my attic craft room, I concluded that my serial crafting days were well and truly over. Crochet was my passion.

I loved the solace only crochet could bring me.

A change of direction

I had so much yarn I could probably open a yarn shop. It was definitely time to say goodbye to all my other crafting paraphernalia, including the shiny beads and charms I had collected during my foray into jewellery making.

But first, maybe I could make myself a few nice stitch markers? So, I did just that.

flamingo stitch marker
Flamingo Stitch Marker (Tap Image To View Product)

Then, with what is standard today, I took a photograph and posted it on social media. Well, the response was tremendous and totally unexpected.

A ‘Lightbulb’ Moment…

“Will you be selling these?” was a common question.

Well, why not I thought to myself? With the permission of the organisers, I took along some of my stitch markers to the next Crochet Sanctuary weekend I was attending, and they sold like proverbial hot cakes!

Virtually overnight, it looked like I had the beginnings of a small business, so Mrs G Makes changed from being my Instagram account to share my crafty adventures, to that of a stitch marker business! Very quickly, my branding was designed by my daughter-in-law who had just left University with a degree in Graphic Design. Very handy indeed!

Now, I am just as happy designing stitch markers as I am crocheting. They both bring me so much pleasure. Much of my business is driven by social media and nothing makes me happier than seeing one of my stitch markers being ‘tagged’ in a photograph by one of my lovely customers.

I think deep down, I’ve always known I’m a ‘Maker’ at heart. I get so excited talking about my work, that it doesn’t even really feel like work!

Crafting plans

I have so many plans for my small business in the coming months: 2020 saw the launch of my quarterly Limited Edition Bling Box Club.

stitch marker lucky dip tin
Stitch Marker Lucky Dip Tin (Tap Image To View Product)

This consists of a gorgeous notions storage tin, bursting at the seams with oodles of Swarovski stitch markers and other surprise ‘blingtastic’ goodies. Hot on the heels of the success of Mrs G’s 2019 Stitch Marker Advent Calendar is the 2020 version! Due to popular demand I opened the order book for this back in December 2019 as I had so many customers disappointed to have missed out on this last year.

I have worked with several indie designers already, supplying bespoke stitch markers for their subscription boxes and I hope to continue doing this in 2020.

Addiction to Gadgets

In addition to being a serial crafter, I also have an addiction to gadgets. I know I’m not the only person with a kitchen full of gadgets that never get used, but even so, I can’t stop myself from buying them!

crochet chick button badges
Crochet Chick Button Badge (Tap Image To View Product)

It was this addiction that drove me to buying a badge maker. It’s amazing what new things I can justify purchasing now that I run my own business! Well, this badge maker is A-MAZ-ING and the latest addition to my shop is now button badges!

Keep your eyes peeled for many more designs! They’re such fun to make.

You may have guessed already, but I’m not a mum with young children. My three wonderful children are now adults, aged 27, 25 and 19 and are without doubt the best things I’ve ever made. I do, however, still fall into the criteria for Made By Mums, as I provide support for my daughter who has Cerebral Palsy.

Crafting is our therapy

I’m pleased to report that she has inherited the crafting gene, that I inherited from my mother, and we have dabbled with sewing and loom knitting together. It’s very touching to see my daughter experience the same pleasure that I do from making things. Craft really is our therapy and I know my own mother would be so very proud of Mrs G Makes.

So, if you’re a knitter or crocheter and fancy trying something different to the bog standard stitch markers out there, then you know where to come. But I warn you, buying Mrs G Makes stitch markers can become addictive…….. just ask my customers!

Much love

Mrs G xx

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