8 Tips To Supercharge Your Sales though Social Media

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By Robert Papworth

7th January 2021

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Did you know 39% of all sales on Made By Mums originate from social media? Whether a click from your bio and or link to a product, our sellers gain sales every day from the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

We know not everyone is a social media hound, but the truth is a social presence presents an excellent opportunity to connect with ever more potential customers.

Here’s 8 top tips you can use to optimise your social media accounts for maximum effectiveness. Although this article is focused on our own platform (naturally!), you’ll find many of these tips will help you whatever selling platform you’re using. 

They’re simple, actionable, and – best of all! – should take you less than 10 minutes to implement 😊

Tip 1: Link to your shop from social profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter)

Probably the single most effective change you can make to get more visitors to your shop.

Add a link to your shop – Image courtesy: Chatterbox Decor

After adding a website link to your shop, it will be prominently displayed in your profile, regardless which social media platform you’re using. The link will be seen by people who are already looking at your profile, and who (hopefully!) are now interested in what you do.

Here’s a quick guide on how to add a shop link to your social platform of choice:

  • Facebook: From your page, tap the ‘more’ 3 dots option just below your banner and choose “edit settings”. Tap “Update Page Info” then paste the link to your shop under “website”. Hit “save” and a link to your shop will magically appear in your profile!
  • Instagram: From your page, tap the “edit profile” button. Paste a link to your shop under “website” then tap the blue tick icon in the top right corner to update.
  • Twitter: From your profile, tap “edit profile”. Paste your shop link under “website” then tap “save” in the top right corner.
  • Pinterest: From your profile, tap the nut (or is it a bolt?!) icon in the top right corner. Choose “Account settings” then tap “Edit profile”. Scroll down to where it says “website”, paste in your shop link and tap “Done” in the top right corner.

Facebook also allows you to add a prominent blue “Shop Now” link which you should find immediately below your page name on your profile page. Tap the pencil icon to edit the button type and link.

Add a “Shop Now” FB button – Image courtesy: The Lilac Ladybird

Note social media platforms have an unfortunate habit of moving their layouts more often than where the milk is in Morrisons – so the above guide may vary slightly from what you see.

Oh, how do I get my shop link?

Navigate to your shop page on Made By Mums and copy the link in the browser’s address bar (the white bar at the very top of the screen). Once copied, you can paste it for each social platform as described above.

Tip 2: Pin a link to your shop at the top of your feed (Facebook)

Let your customers know about your shop every time they visit your Facebook profile!

FB Pinned Post – Image Courtesy: Baby Bear Keepsakes

Create an “evergreen” post that stays at the top of your page’s feed as a pinned post, making it super easy for people to discover and visit your shop the moment they land on your profile.

To keep your post at the top of your feed, pin it by tapping the 3 dots in the top right corner of your post and selecting “Pin to Top”.

It’s up to you what you write for the post, but something along the lines of “View my full range of products on Made By Mums” certainly gets the job done!

We do know that this tactic is particularly effective at sending visitors right through to your shop, as it makes it so simple and easy for visitors to your social profile to do so. Keep them happy, and there’s every chance they’ll take the time to make a purchase from you in return 😊

Tip 3: Share product links directly from your shop (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)

Let your visitors know about your shiny new product listing by sharing a link to it as soon as it is published.

Share Straight From Your Sellers Dashboard

We’ve made it easy to share products straight to Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter right from the ‘Products’ tab of your Sellers Dashboard – or alternatively using the share box on the listing itself. Just remember that these options only become available once the listing is approved and the product publicly listed in your shop. 

To share, simply tap the social icon of the platform you want to share to, add an optional description and hit “share”. Simple, easy and fast.

A product link shared to social media allows your followers to tap directly through to your product on Made By Mums. Once there, our seamlessly designed checkout is there to make the actual buying easy for your customer. Tap, tap, done!

Tip 4: Tag us in your posts! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

We love sharing your items, and tagging us helps to do just that.

Tag us in your social posts – Image courtesy: Wiggles Bear

By tagging us, your followers will be able to learn more about the platform your shop is on, and we’ll be notified about the shiny new item you’ve just shared!

How to tag us. Happily, we have the same tag for all social media platforms! To tags us, simply type @madebymumsgifts and choose us when it shows the prompt. That’s it 😊

Tip 5: Share Your Sale/Coupons on Social Media

Discounts and offers are a great way to entice and persuade potential customers, who sometimes just need that extra little incentive to help them decide 😉

Share your promos: Image courtesy – The Moonlit Cat

But, it’ll only happen if you let potential customers know – which you can do by sharing a link to it on your page!

Creating a sale or promotion is easy on Made By Mums. You can either discount an individual item by editing it and setting a sale price, or create a coupon that lets people save by adding a discount code when they’re at the checkout.

We also share sellers discount codes on our own social media channels from time to time, so if you’re having a sale, let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help you spread the word ❤️

Also coming in a forthcoming website update will be a dedicated ‘special offers’ section where we will list all items on sale from the one place. You can be sure that any sales you set up in the meantime will find their way there once it launches.

Tip 6: Link to your social media profiles from your shop

Leveraging the power of social media can work the other way too.

Link your social accounts to your shop – Image courtesy: The Gift Pixie

Help Made By Mums customers browsing your profile to find out a little more about you by adding your social links to your shop profile.

Adding your social media links to your Made By Mums shop is simple and can be done via the “Settings” section of your Sellers Dashboard. Simply log in to your shop, visit settings, tap the “Social” tab, and add social links in the relevant box (remember to hit “Save Changes” when you’re done!)

Oh, by including your social media links in your shop profile, you also increase the likelihood of being included in our #WeekendWrapUp (Every Sunday evening, folks!), and generally promoting your listings on our social media channels. So, well worth doing!

Tip 7: Share your reviews

If you’ve received a review on Made By Mums, it will automatically appear in your shop for people to see!

Share your reviews: Image courtesy – Stitch Street Crochet

While we try to share a success story each week ourselves, there’s just too much kudos being handed out for us to share every one. Screen grabbing your review and sharing it proudly with the world on social media is a brilliant way to encourage sales by sharing positive experiences of fellow customers (don’t forget to share the link too so your readers can click through and buy).

Pro tip: Although we contact your customer directly to ask if they’d be kind enough to leave a review, being pro-active if you’ve delivered great service might just be the extra little nudge they need! You can send them a direct link to add a review by sending them the link with ?review attached to the end.

For example: https://madebymums.co/product/jos-lacy-crochet-shawl/?review

We do hope that’s not too technical, but please just ask if you’d like any further guidance 😊

Tip 8: Like, comment and share our posts

One of the main reasons our audience is increasing is because of our brilliant community who share and like our social posts each day. When you do this, social platforms boost our reach and the implied authority this brings also helps us to rank better on Google.

If you already do this – thank you! Know that your actions are helping to benefit everyone on our platform. But if not, please do consider sharing our posts, they not only promote your fellow Made By Mums makers directly, but also lay the foundations to help us all.

Wrapping Up

Done them all? Have a brew and a biccie to celebrate, you’ve earned it! ☕🍪

As a growing platform ourselves, we’re welcoming more and more visitors to our site every month, benefitting all our sellers. We’re delighted that many more of our sellers are happy dancing to the beat of their first sales with us, with more still beginning to build a reliable stream of sales from new and returning customers.

Yet, as with all selling platforms, simply having a shop and expecting it to succeed with no further input is not usually enough (unfortunately!) No matter how beautiful or sought after your products are, they have a tendency to remain anonymous unless you let potential customers know they exist!

As you may know, we’re all about transparency on Made By Mums. Your shop home includes the date your shop opened, how many sales you’ve achieved, and what rating you’ve built up from subsequent customer reviews. We do this to help our customers make the right purchasing decision while browsing our products and categories.

We’ve noticed a ‘virtuous circle’ effect where successful sellers who have recorded initial sales and 4/5-star ratings are then more likely to receive additional sales. This is because buyers value the reassurance that comes from reading about positive experience of past customers – making them more likely to complete a purchase from you! 

By implementing the above tips, you can be sure that you’re doing what you can to ensure you get noticed, get initial sales, grow a reputation and lay the foundations for a successful shop.

Best of luck! We’re with you all the way 😊