The Made By Mums Story

About Us

Made By Mums is a growing handmade marketplace for mums, dads and carers to sell their creations and support their young families while doing so.

Our website was founded by parents, for parents. We are Joanna and Robert, parents to two little terrors (aged 3 and 6) who constantly keep us on our toes! Jo caught the crochet bug when pregnant with our eldest, and has been hooking ever since.

But before long, we realised there was much more to it than that.

While counting stitches, Jo came to appreciate the therapeutic qualities of the activity, which provided real balance while adjusting to the turmoil and chaos, and the ‘tears and cheers’ of life with a newborn baby.

We came to appreciate the wider positive impact crafts can have in helping assimilate the stresses and strains of family life – whether that’s for new mums or veterans with teenage tearaways!

And so we created this website – a simple market place for parents and carers to sell their crafty creations in a way that’s simple, easy… and fun!

A Store Especially For Parents and Carers

We know first hand how challenging raising a young family is, both financially and for mental wellbeing. But being creative is pure crafty mana for thousands of parents and carers out there. Made By Mums is an extra little way to support your family, while joining a friendly community that’ll be with you all the way!

With low costs, free listings and a friendly, supportive community of makers, we offer you an enticing alternative to Etsy for you to consider – and we’d be so happy to have you along!

Low Transaction/Sale Fees

We recognise the potential you have to support your young family through selling your creations – and that can best happen if you get to keep more of the money you earn!

That’s why we do all we can to keep our fees to a minimum, allowing you to keep more of the proceeds of your sale. After all, you made it – you deserve it!

Oh, and our transaction fees will always be transparent, with no ‘hidden fees’ and no head scratching fee structure – just one sale fee and that’s that!

Supporting Family Wellbeing

We aim to foster a supportive, collaborative and respectful community of like-minded mums, dads and carers brought together through their crafty passions. If we can play our own little part in helping support our fellow young families, then truly, that would be ‘job done’!

In time, we hope to bring our community closer as we enhance and evolve our website. We’re thinking forums, chat, seller posts… anything that’s asked for really!

Be Up and Running in Under 10 Minutes!

You can get started with an account and begin listing your products all in under 10 minutes. We designed a simple and intuitive seller dashboard so you can easily add and manage your listings – yes, it’s designed to fit in with the trials and tribulations of everyday life!

By signing up, you can sell a quickly expanding range of crafty creations, wherever your passions lie.

Get started now

Just the Start

We hope our website makes you smile, but really, this is just the start – there’s so much more to come! True to our founding principle of helping young families support themselves, we’re eager to foster a welcoming, supportive community of like minded people parents and carers through a shared love of creativity and craft.

Our website will never stand still; we’ll be constantly making little tweaks and enhancements in response to what the community is saying. In time, we look forward to exploring how to bring the community closer together, whether it’s through chat, groups or collaborative content – anything’s possible…

Thanks for being a part of it!