Coming Soon – Get Your Own Website Built by the #MadeByMums Team!

By Robert Papworth • 26th March 2021

We're very excited to share some new details on the next 'big thing' in the #MadeByMums universe - an all new service designed to help individuals and small businesses build their brand and sell more online. Read on for more and to see how you can get involved!

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We are currently creating an all new product designed to help you build your brand online. Coming in June (estimated!) we will begin offering custom made performance focussed ecommerce websites to our makers.

While there are many solid options available to reach more potential customers online (not least our own platform!), an optimised, custom built site is undoubtedly one of the best. Unfortunately the expertise and cost required to do so in a way that truly does justice to your work can reach many thousands of pounds. This often puts it beyond the reach of many home run businesses.

Our plan to help small businesses

Our (somewhat ambitious!) aim is to address this reality by offering exactly this – on a low cost, monthly subscription basis that makes a premium, top of the range curated online selling experience attainable for all. For a minimal up-front cost, we will offer fully featured ecommerce websites to make your business all that it can be online. Leveraging the look, feel and obsessive optimisation that has gone into building Made By Mums, it will be a solution completely managed by us. No coding, no technical expertise, just you focusing on your content, products and customers – everything you do best!

So in short, all the good stuff about running your own website, with none of the bad 🙂

Help us build the product and get a free website for a year!

As we build out this offering, we’re looking for a volunteer to help us. In return, you will receive a custom designed website and a years subscription for free. Ideally you will be a Made By Mums shop owner, with a diverse range of products and categories, while actively looking to grow your business/brand online with your own website.

Interested? Please send us a message to be considered 🙂