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By Kirstie Tight

25th November 2019

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Hello, I thought I would introduce myself. The face behind the name!

I am Kirstie, owner and maker of The Ginger Dog.

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I am a busy mum of two, wife and daily walker of the Ginger Dog, our gorgeous Dogue De Bordeaux, Bruno.

Good boy! 🙂

Arty and Crafty

I have always been arty and crafty, at school I was a fan of art, needlework, and home economics classes. It runs through the family, my Grandmother was tremendous at crochet and knitting. And my father has been a traditional brush sign writer for nearly 50 years. After leaving school, and following various life paths it was all sidelined. 

Christmas Wreath (Tap Picture To View Product)

In 2013 I rediscovered my love of baking. I set up a Facebook page, got registered and my little cupcake business began, and grew. I loved it, it was thriving for a good few years, I even made our 4 tier wedding cake! But, with 2 children, life was getting busier. And fitting in cakes, the time each required was not something I had a lot of. A direction change was needed to fulfil my love of making things.

The Ginger Dog was born in September 2017, it started with a few pompoms, and slowly it evolved. I opened a Facebook page and then an online shop, my biggest seller being my Christmas Pudding Wreath! My husband bought me a sewing machine for my birthday the following year, and I re-taught myself how to use it, making everything from phone pillows, to my new caravan curtains!

New Products

Heart Sea Shell Wreath

In 2018, I started to feel new products were needed. I looked no further than where I live. My happy place, the beach. I started to collect shells, sea glass, driftwood. Started turning them into bespoke pieces, my heart sea shell wreath is a best seller, each heart is different, truly one of a kind. I love trailing the coastline, each tide brings in new treasures.

In 2019 I have started to launch my new Sea Glass jewellery range, which has proven very popular.

More To Come!

The Ginger Dog has lots more to come in 2020, which I am super excited about!

Thanks for reading and browsing my shop – Merry Christmas to you all 😊

Visit The Ginger Dog’s Made By Mums Shop