Terms & Conditions

This is our Terms and Conditions statement (“Terms”). In order to list and sell products on Made By Mums, you must agree and abide by these Terms. We may from time to time update this document.

Keeping Your Shop Up To Date

  • Our Golden Rule! By opening your Made By Mums shop, you agree to keep your product listings and inventory up to date at all times. We take pride in providing an excellent service to our customers, and expect our sellers to do likewise. If an item is purchased from you and you are unable to fulfil the order due to inaccurate/out of date information, an administration fee equal to the commission paid on any standard order you receive will be applied.
  • Persistent failure to fulfil shop orders could result in the closure of your Made By Mums shop.

Your Personal Data

  • Data provided by you for the purposes of opening your account will be securely stored in our databases and systems for the purposes of administering your account. Your data remains yours at all times; we will never sell or pass on any of your data without your express consent.
  • You have the right to access and remove personal data held on our systems at any time. If for any reason you wish to do so, please email us and we’ll be very happy to assist you.
  • For more information on how we use and protect your personal data, see our privacy page.

Editorial Rights

  • All content you upload to our site remains your property at all times
  • In listing your products, you grant us the non-exclusive right to use content provided, including photos and descriptions, for the purposes of promoting your products for sale within the platform, and promoting our platform generally. This includes listing your item within various sections of the website, and off-site promotion including on social media and within advertising on other sites.
  • If for any reason you wish to revoke such rights, we’re happy to do so upon written request

Listing Products on Made By Mums

  • As with all purchasing agreements entered into in the UK, when you make a sale on Made By Mums, it is subject to the Consumer Rights Act 2015. By joining us as a seller you agree to abide with the legal protections this affords consumers. In general, all goods must be supplied as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. Please refer to the link above for further information.
  • You can list a wide range of hand crafted products on our website. Before you do, please ensure that the products you add are compliant with our conditions. Your items:
  • Must not be discriminatory, defamatory or offensive, based on race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation.
  • Is not/does not include: alcohol, drugs, animal/human remains, hazardous or dangerous materials, illegal, pornographic or violent in nature
  • Are handmade by you or within your business
  • In cases where your item is a toy or could be used as a toy, it must be CE tested for it to be legally saleable. By uploading an applicable item, you are confirming that it conforms to existing legislation within the UK
  • Please restrict your listing exclusively to specific product details (product information, options for customising etc.) Please do not include external links such as blogs, websites or social media platforms. You can link to your social profiles from your shop’s home page 🙂
  • We reserve the overall discretional editorial right to edit and/or exclude listings that do not comply with the spirit and nature of our community rules.

Shipping Items

  • Once you receive a sale confirmation, you are responsible for sending out the order. Please ensure the order is shipped as promptly as possible, including sticking to any processing/production dates you may refer to in your item description.
  • When you ship the order, please confirm the action through your account by clicking the ‘mark as shipped’ button
  • Ensure that the order is shipped according to the exact address given by the purchaser. You will find this address both in the order confirmation email you will receive and on the shipping labels you can print from your dashboard (in the ‘orders’ tab)
  • Remember the prices you list your products for include shipping costs. Please ensure you allow for the cost of UK-wide shipping when listing your product(s)
  • Should the order not be received by the purchaser, you will need to provide proof of shipping. For this reason, we recommend you send orders through recorded delivery, especially in the case of high value items

Terms and conditions last updated 18th December 2020