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By Hannah Boocock

2nd December 2019

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I’ve finally done it! Jo has been asking me for months to do this Maker Story, but I am totally useless at writing about myself and due to a mixture of obstacles such as illness and work, I haven’t got around to doing it! Hopefully you won’t get too bored.

I’m Hannah, a 27 year old from Staffordshire who enjoys the simple things in life.

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Currently, I live in a little flat with my partner of 7 years and our beautiful 18 month old baby girl, Aurora. It changed our lives when we found out I was pregnant, I mean I wasn’t the most maternal person in the world. But I couldn’t imagine life without her sassy little attitude!

Change of Direction

So, during the maternity leave I decided to change the name of the page I was using from Felicity Arcanine Art, where I sold most of my cross stitches, to Aurora’s Little Stitches. I wanted to move away from the gamer theme to making keepsakes for babies and children.

Now, I am working weekends at Flip Out Trampoline Park as a receptionist/barista. But during the week, I am a stay at home mum.

I don’t really get chance to cross stitch as much as when Aurora was a tiny baby, but I try to get some done while she is sleeping.

Started Cross Stitching

Belle Beauty & The Beast Cross Stitch Keyring
Belle Beauty & The Beast Cross Stitch Keyring – Tap Picture To View

I started cross stitching years ago, it was a great way to stay sane with the job I had at the time and, although it doesn’t pay much. It was spare money to put into savings or just to treat myself. And to begin with I loved making anything gamer, nerd and geekery. My first cross stitch was a Pikachu riding a surfboard. I then started making keyrings, with plastic canvas instead of the traditional aida. They became very popular on Instagram and I also began to make framed pieces with the plastic canvas and painting the background, which I thought looked amazing!! They also became popular!

As I got a bit older, Aurora was born and I started to move away from the Pokemon and gaming cross stitching I spent most of my time doing and started making personalised pieces with a cute character and all the birth details.

Although I’m not doing as many geekery items, don’t hesitate to ask for anything you’d like!! I also love doing product trades, so just give me a shout if you make something and there’s always so much more over on my Instagram!

Visit Hannah’s Made By Mums shop