Stamp artist Lucy of Little Deer Stamp Art explains the story behind some of #MadeByMums most fascinating and unique home decor creations - including the touching origins that influenced her chosen business name 😊

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By Lucy Kidd

22nd June 2020

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Hi, I’m Lucy from Little Deer Stamp Art!

The photo is me with my grandfather who sadly passed away last year. He left me his boxes of stamps as I used to collect with him as a child and said I could do what I wanted with them.

So I’ve saved some favourite ones and use the rest to make stamp art pictures – so the stamps can be displayed and admired rather than sitting in a pile in my garage!

Helping Charities

10% of profit is donated to Foxton Church where my beloved grandparents are buried, and 10% to Shevet Ackim, a grace-based charity in Israel that provides lifesaving heart operations for children and babies from Gaza, Iraq and Syria. We specifically supported a baby from Gaza through Shevet Ackim: her name means Deer Eyes, hence the name Little Deer Stamp Art

Eagle postage stamp art picture (tap to view product)

I do commissions as well, so please get in touch if you have an idea for something! 

My pictures are £20 (this will be going up slightly in the future…) and come mounted ready to fit in a 10×8″ frame. My ‘main job’ is writing EHCPs for various councils across the country (and being a mum to three children who are currently 12, 8 and 2!) 

Future Aspirations

But I would love to be making stamp art pictures full time as I love the process of choosing the stamps to fit the theme of the picture and then positioning the stamps to show them off the best. 

Thanks for reading, and I really hope you like my artwork!

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