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Miniature Knit/crochet glass bottle keyring

By LAs Sparkle Wool Blend


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Story & Product Description

Hand crafted miniature glass bottles contains your favourite craft. Knitting or Crochet - Material: Glass, cork, - Color: Clear. - Size: 1.5 * 0.75 inch (Height* Diameter). - Cute glass bottles - Pure handcraft clear glass bottles, each bottle with a cork plug. - Glass Globe 18mm - Silver Plated Filigree Hollow Flower Cap 20MM Materials encapsulated in resin as below - Round bessell 25mm Square resin 25mm Cube resin 20mm Prisim resin 45mm Each bottle, globe & resin contains hand crafted: Miniature wooden Crochet Hook Miniature wooden Knitting Needles Miniature balls wool/yarn in different colours Miniature darning needle Miniature scissors Miniature knitting pattern Miniature knitted piece Miniature crochet piece Miniature measuring tape Key ring Finished off with a knitting, croche,yarn, measuring tape charm Contents in bottles & resin will vary. Will also come in a hand made container. Please advise if you require resin keyring, crochet keyring or knitting keyring. THIS IS NOT A TOY!

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