Today I Believe In Me Positive Affirmation China Mug

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By One Sassy Scribe

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Item Description

Who needs a daily reminder that you can handle whatever life throws at you?

Who loves a mug with meaning?

If you answered yes to both of those questions then my super new mug design is for you!

“TODAY I BELIEVE IN ME” is my favourite positive affirmation. It’s on my computer monitor, my dressing table and in my bathroom! So it made sense to turn it into this positive message for your brew too!

If you don’t know much about affirmations then don’t worry! Put simply, the more you tell yourself something, the more you believe it. So whenever you’re having a bad day and doubting yourself, let go of the negative self talk and replace it with a positive affirmation instead! And what better way to remind yourself than with a mug!


This mug is made from china and is NOT dishwasher safe like the tall china mug mug.

This mug holds approximately 450ml when filled to the brim and is approximately 8.5cm tall with a diameter of 8.5cm.

China does stain more easily than ceramic so I would always advise rinsing the mug through once finished with rather than letting contents sit in it.


No problem at all, just include the recipients name and address in the personalisation box above.

*Note about postage timescales*

7 days is worst case scenario! These are sent direct from my supplier.

PS. I’ve added testimonials from my other mug range “Look For Rainbows” so you can see how much people love their mugs. All my mugs are made by the same fab supplier.

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