Wealth and Prosperity Manifestation Candles

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These candles are named “Nouveau Riche” and have been designed to enhance your money manifestation abilities. They have a scent of pink champagne, peaches and roses and contain Orange Calcite and Rose-aura Quartz.

Orange calcite has a bright, vibrant energy and promotes happiness and joy. It also enhances creativity and clarity of thought and speeds up development of ideas and projects. It is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and is a fantastic stone for dispelling negative and stagnant energy. this is an excellent crystal for anyone starting a new business venture or who needs help developing creative ideas and ingenuity.
Rose-aura on the other hand has a soothing, calm and loving energy and dissolves self-doubt and low self esteem and promotes self love and confidence. It also helps one to achieving goals and success.

8oz candle, 100% natural, non-toxic soy wax. Scents are all IFRA approved.
Burn time approximately 27 hours.

Occasionally candles may contain tiny air bubbles or a slight whitening of wax known as frosting, which occurs in natural waxes. Frosting does not affect the burning of a candle and is a sign that the wax used is 100% natural.

Please do not attempt to retrieve crystals while the candle is burning as this may result in serious injury.

Never leave burning candles unattended or out of sight, in a draught, on an uneven surface or on a surface which is likely to catch fire. Keep away from children and pets and burn for a maximum of 3 hours at a time. Always make sure that the wick is standing up straight after burning, whilst the melted wax sets.

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I sell handmade silver wire-wrap crystal pendants, candles and acrylic paintings and prints. I use a variety of crystals, gorgeous scented oils and natural soy wax to make my Law of Attraction Manifestation Candles , and a variety of beautiful coloured tumble stones, points and sterling-silver to make crystal pendants. Painting[...] Visit Shop

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